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jeudi 2 février 2012

Subject: Second Chances and Do-Over's - Part 2


In part one of this series, we discussed how Groundhog Day has
become a metaphor for do-overs and second chances.

Several hundred people commented on the inspiring message of
hope and I trust you'll love what I have to share with you in
this second part.

Today, I am going to reaffirm that do-overs are indeed possible,
and when something in your life goes terribly wrong, it is possible
to fix it.

The following are five rules that you can use to pick yourself
up, get back in the game and make 2012 the best year of your life.

Here's your playbook for success!

Comeback Rule #1 - Refuse Failure

Those with the character to triumph in the end tend not to allow
the indignity of failure to force them down. A comeback accepts
disaster, laughs in its face, and crawls to his feet again.

Do not let failure or setbacks define you, refuse failure, get
back in the game, and play to win!

Comeback Rule #2 - Decide to Fight

Comebacks have an inner sense of justice that refuses to be
violated. They manage their emotions, reminding themselves of
where they've been and why they're here, and resolve that nothing
will stop them. Decide that you are going to fight, take massive
action and never ever give up nor give in.

Comeback Rule #3 - BeResilient

Pain, failure, loss and embarrassment are such great motivators
and you should allow adversity to force your hand to make new
choices and take new actions.

Get busy on turning things around. Sucking
your thumb and hoping for a miracle is not the answer.

Comeback Rule #4 - Focus on Results

Once you're on your way, don't look back and do not allow a previous
faux pas slow you down. A hundred distractions, doubts, and setbacks
will haunt someone recovering from disaster. The true champion
focuses on results, nothing else.

Comeback Rule #5 - Change

Perhaps the most difficult notion to face is the fact that second
chances and do-overs require you to reexamine all of the assumptions
that currently operate in your life and business.

Change and growth is much more than simply acquiring new knowledge
and insights; it's also crucial to unlearn old knowledge that has
outlived its relevance.

It's ONLY when you change your behavior that you can break free
from the eternity of ruinous repetition and kick open the gates
to unlimited prosperity and I'd like to show you how.

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