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jeudi 28 décembre 2017

Les bienfaits de la cacahuète

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lundi 25 décembre 2017

This “Raises The Bar” in 2018

This “Raises The Bar” in 2018

Hey {, 

Challenges work to boost your effectiveness… 

And that’s why I’m writing you right now as I
hope you don’t give up on your New Year’s
RESOLUTION by Jan 15th as most will do! 

What do you think would happen if I were to
follow you with a camera crew 24 hours a day, 
7 days a week for the first 100 days? 

I bet 3 things would immediately take place... 

1. You’ll START being more EFFECTIVE 

2. You’ll STOP being INEFFECTIVE 

3. You’ll SPARK MOMENTUM in your life! 

THIS IS ALL possible by raising the bar in
2018 and become more “accountable” to add 
more certainty and clarity to your life. 

Don’t roll your eyes, it’s possible because
this could be your year but it’s your job to
go out and claim what’s yours, no matter
how high the stakes get ;-) 

That’s why I asked my friend Gary Ryan
Blair (“The Goals Guy”) to put together a
22-page Manifesto to high achievement. 

No nonsense. No fluff. No theories or
guesswork. The Manifesto comes from
years or hard tested facts & experience. 

No commitments. Nothing to buy. And no
other obligations are required. Just
grab your mouse and check out what
I think is the best material I’ve ever
seen for starting the New Year on the 
right foot! 

Go now, check it out …

In my opinion, the report itself is worth 
it’s weight in gold and the video series 
ain't too shabby either. 

You're going to love this!


P.S. The videos alone are outstanding, but 
be sure to read the Manifesto, it's that 
good and extremely time-sensitive.

Keto Coffee Recipe: Better than Bulletproof Coffee: Thomas DeLauer

mardi 19 décembre 2017

The virtue of silence

Silent, concentrated thought is more potent than spoken words.
There is no power so potent as the silent, reserved power. So keep your own counsel.

The secret of great people is their belief in themselves and in their inherent power, in their faculty to concentrate on the work in hand, when they are working, and in their ability to prevent leaks of power when they are not working. They believe in themselves, and make every effort count.  The brilliant writer does not waste his wit upon every corner; in fact, he shuts the drawer in which he contains his wit, and opens it only when he is ready to concentrate and get down to business. The captain of industry has no desire to impress you with his shrewdness and “smartness. He never did, even when he was young. While his companions were talking and boasting, and “blowing,” this future successful financier was “sawin’ wood and sayin’ nuthin’.”

Alpha meditation

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