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lundi 28 octobre 2013

Job and Career Advice from 24 Leading Experts


Do you want to receive expert Job and Career Advice from over 24 of the leading Job and Career experts in the world - All for Free?

If you do, signup today for the National Career Summit, a virtual training event that can be accessed from your computer or phone.

For your free ticket, go to Job and Career Advice

You’ll learn step by step how to compete from over 24 Leading Job & Career Experts For FREE!

During this event, we’ll show you:

•  How you can ensure your résumé lands on the top of the pile.
•  How you can effectively handle challenging interviews and win the job
•  How to find the hidden jobs that aren’t listed on the job boards
•  How you can brand yourself and recession-proof your career.
•  How you can develop skills that will rapidly improve your marketability.
•  How you can land a job using linkedin, Facebook and TwitterPlus a whole lot more…

To register today for your free ticket, go to Job and Career Advice

We are looking forward with helping you compete in Today’s Job Market.

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vendredi 25 octobre 2013

Linkedin Marketing : An Hour a Day

A step-by-step guide for succeeding on the for ''business'' social media network

LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day helps you create, customize, and optimize a presence on LinkedIn, the world's largest social network for professionals.
In this detailed, step-by-step book, LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen reveals how to use this powerful platform to ensure that you or your company get noticed by the right audience.
Discover previously undocumented tips and tricks for community growth and management, including how to best use Groups, events, and other LinkedIn features and applications.
  • Offers a complete resource for anyone who wants to market and recruit on the world's largest professional network
  • Features hands-on tutorials, case studies, examples, tips, and tactics
  • Reveals how to monitor and maintain a vibrant LinkedIn presence
  • Includes effective tactics for recruiters, job seekers, and entrepreneurs, as well as legal, real estate, and nonprofit professionals
  • Incorporates an exploration of the LinkedIn advertising platform, API, and mobile platform
This soup-to-nuts guidebook for tackling every stage of the LinkedIn process ensures your online presence will get noticed.

mardi 8 octobre 2013