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mercredi 20 novembre 2019

Happiness through self care

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How To Live To Be A Hundred

The Ultimate Secrets of Healthy Heart & Longevity Finally Revealed! - Learn How You Can Add 10-20 More Years To Your Life By Reversing Arteriosclerosis & Curing Bad Habits
If you are under 20, you can increase your life-span by as much as 15 years. Even if you are over 60, you can still enjoy more than two golden, "bonus" years by following the advice in this life-changing book!

Dear Friend,
You can live to be 100! 

Here are the six things that this information will do for you:
You may well ask—"What will this book do for me?" or to paraphrase Ben Franklin, "Can it bring me health (which is really wealth), happiness, and wisdom?" It can, for many reasons.
A growing number of books for laymen on the subject of health have appeared in the past decade. Never before has there been such widespread popular interest in medical science.
Much of this interest has been motivated by the unprecedented advances in medical research that have been made in our time. 
One discovery has led rapidly to another and many old views are radically changed. New information, new diagnostic tools, and new drugs have provided new answers to many old problems that were believed to be without solution.
Even the practicing physician cannot always keep abreast of these swift developments in medical progress. He cannot take time from treatment of his patients to evaluate all reports of new findings and new products that daily flood his office.
At the same time, he cannot shirk the traditional responsibility of the physician to teach the public how to prevent illness and how best to treat it when it occurs.
The answer, therefore, seems to lie in a division of labor among doctors. Each should contribute to the nation's health literature information on the particular phase of medicine about which he is best qualified to speak. Such information, whether derived from research or from his daily practice, should be as reliable and as safe as a prescription.
Not all books appearing today—even those written by physicians—come up to this high standard. Many are written merely to entertain, to exploit some medical novelty, or sometimes to enhance the prestige of the author.
In preparing the following work for the general reader, the author has aimed at a twofold objective: to prolong your life and to save you from crippling or fatal heart disease resulting from hardening of the arteries.
The information offered here is based upon the writer's 25 years of medical practice, extensive research, and clinical experience.
The low-fat diet, weight reduction, and nutritional program presented in this book are not a panacea for all illnesses. They are not a get-healthy-quick nostrum or cure for everything that ails you.
However in the opinion of the author and a large number of scientists and physicians, these measures are the most effective known to prevent and treat hardening of the arteries or arteriosclerosis, today's greatest cause of sickness and death.
There are unquestionably other still unknown causes of hardening of the arteries in the heart, brain, and other vital tissues of the body. Not only is there little or nothing known about them, but there is no effective remedy other than those presented in the following pages.
At this very moment, countless research scientists and physician-investigators are searching the unknown in the life-or-death quest for the various causes and the cure for arteriosclerosis. If this miraculous discovery should come to pass, the way of eating and living described in this book may become of historical interest only.

But, until that day of more perfect knowledge arrives, I believe we should, in all good conscience, use the most perfect tools that we now have, namely the dietary and nutritional tools set forth in this book. The mounting evidence that they can save the lives and health of countless victims is now too powerful to allow us to stand by and wait for the perfect cure or the therapeutic millennium.
If you will read this book carefully, and apply the simple, easy-to-follow directions given, it will definitely enable you to accomplish the following:

How many years depends upon your present age and weight. If you are under 20, for example, you can increase your life-span by as much as 15 years. Even if you are over 60, you can still enjoy more than two golden, "bonus" years. These figures are based upon actual Metropolitan Life Insurance tables, included in this book.

In addition to prolonging your life by controlling your weight, correct diet can also save you from heart and blood vessel disease. Almost all heart researchers agree that when people who have defective fat metabolism eat a high-fat diet, heart disease often results.
In the following pages you will find instructions, in detail, on what to eat to maintain a well-balanced diet and at the same time to avoid fat-rich foods that may undermine your health.
Complete daily menus for a period of several weeks are included.

3. DISCOVER NEW VITALITY THROUGH DIETARY SUPPLEMENTSMedical research has discovered a number of important dietary supplements that not only improve the body's general efficiency and well-being but help prevent hardening and blocking of the arteries—the condition that sets the stage for heart attacks and strokes.
The nutritional supplements combined with vitamins that are described in the following pages can help you overcome fatigue, nervousness, and loss of energy.
Medical science has effectively demonstrated that millions of Americans eat three meals a day but are poorly or badly nourished ; many are overweight. Yet they suffer from the symptoms of malnutrition or borderline, subclinical illness. 
This is often expressed by feelings of tiredness, nervous symptoms, and loss of vitality. The author will describe the results of controlled studies into new products that he and his associates have conducted to prove their effectiveness and safety.

4. KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT SMOKINGThe role that cigarette smoking plays in various diseases has been the subject of intensive research. The discussion of tobacco will answer many of your questions concerning the effect of smoking on the heart and blood vessels.

5. KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT USING ALCOHOLThe question of alcohol, although not so important to the prevention and treatment of heart disease as it is to some other physical disorders, is also discussed, and professional advice given for using it safely.

6. PUT SUNSHINE INTO YOUR AUTUMN YEARSIt would be only a limited gain if the years added to your life were years of unhappiness or ill health. Therefore, the author has included advice for meeting the special problems of the older years.
The writer believes that a longer, happier life will be yours if you make a whole-hearted effort to absorb and follow the directions given here. Like most worthwhile undertakings, it will take patience and time. But the results are so vital to you and to your loved ones, that your utmost efforts can reward you with a rich harvest of health and extra years of happy living.
  what foods to eat to improve your mental powers, step up your vigor
  how to use today's 3 sensational food supplements
  harmful food cravings and how to overcome them
  how to take the nuisance out of calorie counting
  7 ways to lose weight and keep it lost—automatically
  how going on and off diets does more harm than good
  how to figure how long you'll live
  why you may be wasting money on vitamin pills
  what the "easy, fast" reducing formulas don't tell you
  how your eyes, heels, elbows warn of arteriosclerosis
  how to "cook in" the good in foods you eat
  fantastic health miracles performed with the new wonder food—lecithin
  foods that keep older people from feeling their age
  how a low-fat intake keeps you off the sick list
  how food supplements guard against virus infections
  food secrets of people with outstanding vitality
  why getting fat is worse than being fat
  how alcohol can be beneficial in your diet
  how to survive a heart attack to a ripe old age
  the truth about tobacco and health
  how much fatty food is safe for you
  5 "golden rules" of nutrition worth more than all the gold in the world

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The elixir of Longevity

What’s wrong with me?
That’s the question you keep asking yourself everyday...

When you get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror...

Just to discover there is a new wrinkle on your face...

As if that’s bad, how about the sagging face?

The hormone imbalance that causes you to lose control of your weight...

And all of the stubborn fat that accumulates around your waist, arm and thigh...

Not to mention the obvious cellulite...

You were so disgusted and disappointed with yourself...

You look 10 years older than your actual age...

It goes without saying that your appearance is not as attractive compared to those times...
You push away human affection and avoid eye contact...

Because you think that you don’t deserve love...
Bottom line?
You are just depressed that you are getting older and uglier!

To restore your beauty, I am sure you have bought and tried plenty of expensive anti-aging skincare that promised to...

Get rid of your wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circle, eye bags, and uneven skin tone...

Products such as detox tea, slimming pills and creams, extreme diet, workout, traditional medicine...

Unfortunately, nothing works...
Even if it does work, the effect doesn’t last long!

The wrinkles still stay and the skin remains dull...

It seems fated that your life cycle is to get old, sick and die...

The good news is...

There are actually ways to reclaim your youth and revitalize your vigor!

I’m not talking about witch doctors or shamans concocting those “special potions”...

And I’m definitely not referring to botox, laser and surgery...

We all know that the quick solution to immediately look young is to undergo through an anti-aging process.

But what you don’t know is that there are numerous inexpensive ways to achieve just that!

By undergoing botox, surgery and laser will put your life at risk...

By undergoing botox,
surgery and laser will put your life at risk...

And honestly, the so-called “new” looks will make you look artificial and synthetic...

Besides, even if you are “successful” with the first try, there’s no end in sight to MAINTAIN it!

These “follow up” schedules can cost in the range of thousands of dollars...

And you even have to sign a consent form relieving the doctors of their responsibilities in the event anything goes wrong with the procedure!

Given a choice, do you actually want to put your life at risk?

I bet your answer is a big NO!!!
Fortunately for you, I have discovered the secrets to getting the beauty and youth that you desire...

But what if I told you that the doctors are trying to keep you away from knowing these secrets because it will cost them to lose business?

That these secrets once revealed to you will totally change on how you see AGING and transform your looks!

Years ago, I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I am now...

This is due to the hereditary conditions and my poor lifestyle choices...

I was diagnosed with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes...

And all these happened at the mere age of 40!

Doctors told me that I have a health and body of over 60 years-old...

I was so shocked with the diagnosis and soon medical prescription and follow up treatment becomes part of my daily routine...

You see,
Just by taking medication or prescription is just PREVENTING my health from further deteriorating...

It’s just a temporary band aid solution...

To be precise, it’s a ticking bomb waiting to explode...

If not defused immediately, it’s just a matter of time that the health and energy level will just BLOW OUT of proportion at the later stage!

Hence, pre-emptive measures have to be deployed immediately!

Initially I undergo a period of strict regime and transformation for the sake of restoring my health...

By increasing my workout intensity, incorporating cardio workouts to improve my endurance.

Health aside... I even begin to look BETTER and YOUNGER...

My skin complexion improves, I feel healthier, and am even able to compete with people younger than me.

Instead of looking like 60, now I begin to look like 30!

All without the need to pay for expensive surgeries, laser and injections!

This is all achieved with hard work and natural methods without any SIDE EFFECTS from “medication.”

If you find it a little too good to be true or even hard to accept...

That it’s in fact TRUE!
I gather all my experiences and proven methods and put them ALL into a book so you can achieve the same success as I did...

Allow me to introduce you to...

The Elixir of Longevity!

A book that contained my experiences of more than 10 years of how I transform myself from a physical appearance and health...

Of a 60-year old to a 30-year old!

In this book, you will learn how to...

Shorten the duration to get the desired beauty results without endangering your health...
Restore your self-confidence and regain your motivation...
Improve intimacy with your beloved ones and have a better sex life...
Previously I was ashamed...

But now I feel proud announcing my age...

Because I am the living proof that age is just a number!

“Stop letting others define you. Stop letting others dilute you. Don’t be bullied or pressured into being less than you are.”
How many times do you miss the important moments with your family due to your health issues?

How many times can you tolerate when you caught your beloved ones checking out the other ladies or gentlemen but not you?

The wait is FINALLY over...
Our beauty is our self-confidence...

And our health is our wealth...

To live a life of SICKNESS FREE and be PROUD of who you are...

Take action NOW,
As our health is our responsibility!

Many have begun this transformation progress for their own sake...

So, what are you waiting for?

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