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mardi 1 février 2011

You The healer Jose Silva

Deprogramming negativity to facilitate wellness is the underlying principle of the Silva Method.
In other words, by changing your mind you can change your health. 
There are thousands of success stories that serve as testimony to the effectiveness of the Silva Method, many of which have been documented by the authors in this book, making it interesting reading as well as enlightening.

Magical Blend Magazine, January 1990

You the Healer is an eye opening, useful tool. It contains a forty-day step-by-step, home study course on how to become a healer and how to create and live a healthy disease-free life. It provides healing techniques that are not too esoteric and not too difficult. It's useful for everything from quitting addictions to migraine headaches - a very attractive and practical offering.

Our review : A classical in the self improvement industry.It will take you on a journey of 40 days and will improve your way of life ; You will have a more positive outlook on life.

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