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lundi 5 janvier 2015

2015 has arrived. Are You Ready ?


I am often asked for a simple, effective,
no-nonsense approach to goal setting that
can be used by anyone to start the year 
fast and focused.

What follows is what I affectionately call
the Six Step Makeover.

It's a simple process that's easy to learn,
easy to apply, and easy to get results from.

Follow it to the letter, and you'll be on your
way to making big things happen in your life.

1. WHAT specific goal(s) do you want to achieve
in 2015?

Be precise or don't bother moving to the next

2. WHY must this goal be achieved now?

Be clear on the key drivers and motivation or
the first obstacle will be your undoing.

3. WHO will help you to achieve this goal?

Be sure that these are the right people, with
the right talents, attitudes and intentions.

4. WHERE do you currently stand in relation to
this goal?

Deal with the facts and identify the size of the
performance gap.

5. HOW do you plan on accomplishing this goal?

Be deliberate. Identify the exact steps, tasks,
deadlines and assign responsibility.

6. WHEN will victory be claimed?

Be committed, enforce your deadline, and focus
on the goal until achieved.

Would you like to learn a number of other simple,
yet highly effective strategies for makiing 2015
the best year of your life?

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You're going to love it!


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