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mercredi 4 janvier 2012

The World’s Best Productivity Strategy – Part Two


In part one of this series, we discussed how
“Saying No” is the world’s best, fastest and
easiest productivity strategy, primarily because
it simplifies.

You will succeed on the basis of what, where
and how you say “no”. And “Saying NO”
allows you to get more control over your daily
life and activities—IMMEDIATELY!

For the first 100 days of 2012, you must resolve to
give “NO” the strategic resolve it deserves!

The following are fifteen simple, effective and
empowering strategies that you can use to get

1.      What strategies, initiatives and activities
will you say “no” to?

There is great feeling, focus, empowerment, and
impact when everyone agrees on paper the
activities that will not be done.

Pull out a piece of paper and list all of the superfluous
activities that can slow down, or prevent progress
from happening altogether.

Everything is fair game and absolutely nothing is
sacred in this exercise. Simply put, if it does not
advance you forward, then say no!

2.      What meetings will you decline or delegate?

List every meeting you have in place for the remainder
of the year and determine which you will NOT be
attending. Meetings consume large chunks of productive
time, most are run improperly and inefficiently, and most
can be declined or delegated to someone else.

3.      What relationships will you not keep?

The way you manage your relationships has an enormous
 impact on your ability to perform at consistently high levels.

Identify the top three energy-draining relationships, that you
are committed to saying “no” to for the next 100 days. Then
focus on creating strategies to free yourself from each of them.

4.      What measurements will you ignore?

Say goodbye to all lagging indicators and ONLY pay
attention to measurements related to customer
satisfaction and the levers that directly drive sales,
margin, operating expense and ROI.

5.      What customers will you not target?

Identify your IDEAL prospect, client or customer and
quit chasing every opportunity as it’s a complete
waste of time and resources. Once identified, you
must then articulate who you will NOT target.

Finally, make decisions on segments of your customers
that deserve “VIP” treatment.

6.      What competitors will you not follow?

Way too much time is lost by following and focusing on
too many competitors and so-called guru’s. Identify the
top three and immediately remove yourself from all of
the other email distribution lists, blogs and other related

7.      What websites will you not visit?

Web sites are like magnets and vampires, as they draw
you in and suck away productive time. Pull up your list
of favorites, delete most of them and keep only the ones
of greatest value. You must institute a “No Surfing” policy
and stick to it.

8.      What money will you not spend?

Put yourself on a fiscal diet as every dollar spent should be
thought of as an investment towards greater operating
income -- even petty cash. With this in mind, what things,
or even entire budget categories, will you not spend?

9.      What trips will you not make?

It’s hard to deny the power of ‘showing up’ in person as
great things happen when you show up and interact with
customers and colleagues. Nonetheless, trips consume
massive gobs of time and money. Therefore, consider how
you can use technology to replace trips, and only travel
when it can make a big impact towards your primary goals.

10.     What foods will you not eat?

Reaching the next level of performance and productivity
begins with how you manage energy. It’s disturbing to see
the immense amount of human and corporate potential
squandered due to the misuse of energy.

Unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, negativity, sarcasm,
unfocused goals and strategies are all contributing factors to
energy loss. Focus in on your nutritional intake and exercise by
eliminating any food, or drink that compromises your energy levels.

11.     What excuses will you not engage in?

Excuses drain energy, time, production and profits. Have a
brutally honest conversation with yourself and determine the
excuses or behaviors that you must do away with. I’m aware
that it’s easier said than done, but you will NOT be able to
achieve your true potential by fighting for and repeating
useless behavior.

12.     What will you not say?

Develop the habit of saying NOTHING that does not move
the ‘agenda’ forward or uplift others. Speak ONLY of the
solution, and waste not a second on the problem or blame.

You will save a lot of time and mental energy which can be
directed towards more useful activities.

13.     What thoughts will you not entertain?

Remember that which does not move you towards your goal,
takes you away from it. Therefore remove those thoughts that
are limiting, defeating or downright negative and consciously
choose to replace them with thoughts of abundance, optimism,
and positivity. Don’t tolerate negative thoughts or conversations
from yourself or others.

14.     What television shows will you not view?

If there was ever a time hog that needed to be slaughtered,
television tops the list.  In even a moderate TV-watching
household, it’s simply amazing how many hours are spent in
front of the box. The solution—go cold turkey!

15.     What will you no longer tolerate from yourself or others?

Saying “no” and meaning it is the easiest word for setting a limit,
holding firm to boundaries, and being clear about what you will
or will not do.

Identify the standards you wish to measure your life by and refuse
to lower or negotiate at any time, nor for any reason.

No is a tool Use the veto power of “No” regularly and with
conviction as it’s a powerful strategic weapon that you can
use to maximize your results in the first 100 days of this year.


Let’s now focus on what you should say “yes” to. How does
greater wealth, health and happiness sound to you?

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