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lundi 19 décembre 2011

The World’s Best Productivity Strategy – Part One


We are all staring down the barrel of the same reality—
the clock is ticking and no matter how you look at it,
we are approaching the final days of 2011 and the
beginning of a New Year.

You must use the remaining days of this year to achieve
two objectives:

1. Finish the current year strong. Consider the remaining
few days of this year as a now or never opportunity to
finish the year strong, to exceed expectations, and for
some use it as a final chance at redemption.

2. Establish a fast start game plan for making 2012 the
best year of your life.

Let’s cut right to the chase, by looking at the results of
your actions year to date, that REALITY tells you if you
have been successful or not in achieving the goals you
set earlier this year.

As it relates to your goals for 2011, your demonstrated actions
have allowed you to be in one of three positions.

You have either:

1. Exceeded your expectations of what you thought you
could achieve.

2. Met expectations of what you set out to accomplish.

3. Fallen below your desired expectations of what you
wanted to accomplish.

Unfortunately, in today’s economy, far too many people
find themselves struggling and well below where they
would like to be.

The GOOD NEWS is that regardless of the position you are
currently in, you CAN fulfill both objectives of finish the year
Strong and starting the New Year fast, however you must
do a few things in the manner presented in the next
few paragraphs.

As someone who is very goal oriented, I’m well aware
that you probably began this year with great hope and

I’m also well aware that many goals and plans fall far from
being realized.


So what specifically can you do in order to capture the
brass ring? Work harder? Longer?

You don’t stand a chance of succeeding with that strategy,
yet that is exactly what the majority of people will do.

Why not do something entirely different, why not focus on
saying NO!

Consisting of two letters and one syllable, the word “No”
can be considered to be one of the most powerful words
in your vocabulary.

It’s the easiest word for setting a limit, holding firm to
boundaries, and being clear about what you will or
will not do. It is a word of pure power that is both inner
and out directed.

You will be a lot more productive once you recognize that:

1.      “No” is not a dirty word, negative word, nor is it a selfish
word. Learning to say “No” is liberating as it frees up
your time to focus on your key priorities.

2.      You are in complete control of how you spend your
time and your life. Saying “No” allows you more time
and energy to pursue your goals and wildest ambitions.

3.      Saying, “No,” increases the value of the things you say,
“Yes” to. Your success in life requires a short “Yes” list,
and a long “No” list. The key is an awareness and prioritization
of your “Yes” list, and firm boundaries around your “No”
list as QUICKLY as possible.

Saying “NO” is the most strategic decision you can make. You
improve yourself, your family, and your organization’s

“No” is empowering because it simplifies. You will succeed on
the basis of what, where and how you say “no”. And “NO”
allows you to get more control over your daily life and

We need to say “NO”, but we’re not very good at it. In business
we give it another name. “prioritization” or “strategic planning.
But then we get back to day-to-day activities and we quickly
forget what we prioritized and planned. We end up letting the
“no’s” creep back in.

For these remaining days of this year and to ensure a fast start
to 2012, you must resolve to give “NO” the strategic resolve it

In tomorrows,  I’ll share FIFTEEN simple, effective
and empowering strategies (personal and professional) that you
can use to get results—IMMEDIATELY!

In the meantime, here’s a great resource which you’ll definitely want
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Warm holiday wishes,

P.S. Don’t forget to pick up your FRE*E Goal Setting Toolkit.

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