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mardi 1 février 2011

Bad News, Good News & GREAT NEWS!

I have an important update...

Bad, Good and Great News:

First the Bad News.

As some of you know, last Sunday the doors closed
to Dr. Mark Stengler's High Energy for Life program.

I say "some," because nothing could have prepared
them for what happened the day after.

Yesterday, hundreds and hundreds of people emailed
them, disappointed they missed their opportunity
to purchase the program.

(Even though they knew the program started Monday)

Seems many people were away, did not check their email,
forgot, or just plain needed a couple more days to budget
for it.

But there is really Good News.

The program officially started Monday, and if you
are one of their new students, you can tell from their
first lesson just how powerful and vital what you are
learning is to the health and wellbeing to you and your

I hear that they have been receiving rave reviews and
they are just starting!

And here is the GREAT NEWS!

They decided, based on all of your communications, that
they are reopening the doors to the High Energy for Life
program, but it is just until Thursday at midnight, before
their LIVE question and answer call on Friday.

This means you can REGISTER NOW, for the same discounted
special rate, and still receive all the awesome bonus gifts.

They even recorded yesterday's first content video, which,
like the course content, is yours to enjoy for an entire year!

So if you even considered joining the High Energy for Life
program last week, but missed out...

Then now's your chance.


P.S. More Great News! Last week, thousands of people joined
them for four (4) live health question and answer sessions.

It was real and raw.

If you missed any of them, you missed a lot. But you can
listen to the replays right now FOR FREE:

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